Frequently Asked Questions

Kyomachiya Kichiatsuse Umekouji

For reservationKichiatsuse Umekouji

Q. Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-in?
A. Excuse me, but there is no front service and we cannot respond.
Q. About check-in (15:00)
A. About a week before your arrival, we will inform you of the PIN code for the front door, so you will have to unlock it yourself.
Q. About check-out (11:00)
A. After locking, please return the key to the key box.
Q. Is it possible to bring pets?
A. I'm sorry, but we do not allow companions.
Q. Is there a child rate?
A. There is no setting. If you use bedding, it is counted as one person like an adult.
Q. Is it possible to sleep together?
A. Please apply only for preschool children.

About facilitiesKichiatsuse Umekouji

Q. About guest room cleaning
A. There is no cleaning during your stay as the whole building is reserved (vacation rental). If you are staying for 3 nights or more and wish to stay, please let us know.
Q. About kitchen equipment
A. In addition to glasses and tableware, we have a set of cooking utensils such as frying pans and knives, as well as simple seasonings.
Q. What equipment do I need for my stay?
A. We have face towels and bath towels. We do not have pajamas and toothbrushes, so please bring them with you.
Q. Amenities
A. Shampoo, rinse, body soap, hand soap
Q. Can I smoke?
A. I'm sorry, but smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in preserving traditional houses.

OtherKichiatsuse Umekouji

Q. Is there a convenience store nearby?
A. There is a 7-Eleven near the hotel.
Q. Is there a public bath nearby?
A. There is a public bath called Taishoyu about 7 minutes on foot.